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Welcome to the FM-select site.

Created in 1994, image france mode création billotet is a Communication Agency for hair stylists and for the creation of press books for fashion models:

We specialize in fashion image. We always work with models, which gave us the idea to enter into a partnership with several of them. This allowed us to create this site so as to help you, as a salon de coiffure, to enjoy a broad choice of regularly updated photos with a view to designing customized trends posters accompanied by your own logo for all your new collection projects. For you or with you, we can find the image solutions that suit you best.

We also invite to visit our product page. A range that we have carefully put together that has met with great success with the public. If you want round an extra cape to give your salon’s image that certain special something, we give you the opportunity to personalize this range with your logo.

In our poster format page we address all kinds of businesses and private individuals interested in having their made-to-measure posters. We can alo help you to give concrete form to your logo, presentation book, greeting cards, gift voucher, etc…., design projects


tarifs: format 60x70cm 79,50€T.T.C.    

format 2 200x70 cm    107,50€T.T.C. 

 Offre de l'action valable uniquement pour ces 2 posters en présentation.  

Qualité papier photo  300gr/m2 

Envoyer le logo et les éventuels textes ou slogan par e-mail .     

Paiement par virement bancaire 

         Délais de livraison :entre 3 et 5 jours   après paiement   

Pour voir les emplacements des textes et du logo cliquer sur les ex de poster 1 et 2

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